Liverpool’s proven progress

Has Brendan Rodgers improved Liverpool?

“It would send out a message to the rest of the teams that we’re here and we mean business,” said Jordan Henderson of getting a win at the Emirates ahead of weekend’s clash. It was hard to argue. Liverpool travelled to Arsenal for Saturday’s top of the table clash knowing victory would send them above the league leaders. As it was, Liverpool lost and were outplayed by Arsene Wenger’s side. The midfield again lacked cohesion, the front two were starved of service and the wingbacks…oh, the wingbacks… However, despite what some gloomy Liverpool supporters might tell you, there are still reasons for Kopites to be upbeat, certainly more so than in recent years. The fact that the Reds were even in a top of the table clash at the start of November was something of a statement in itself. This time last season Brendan Rodgers’ side were struggling in lower … Continue reading

Racism Controversies have made Liverpool Stronger

We are now halfway through the eight match ban imposed on Luis Suarez following an investigation into comments he allegedly made towards Patrice Evra back in October when Liverpool and Manchester United player out a 1-1 draw at Anfield. I don’t wish to discuss the ins and outs of the Luis Suarez case in this article because it’s been done to death and there’s really nothing more to say on the matter. Liverpool fans understand what happened between Suarez and Evra, and they understand how he ended up with such a large ban. What I want to look at is the treatment of Liverpool Football Club over the past couple of months by media outlets and the positive way in which the fan base has reacted. This first relevant factor to consider is the immediate support shown by Liverpool Football Club and club manager Kenny Dalglish towards Suarez when he … Continue reading