Exclusive Interview with Suso: Midfielder talks of loans, U-20 World Cup and more

Liverpool transfer loan Suso AlmeriaLiverpool have confirmed that young attacking midfielder Suso is going to be spending the 2013-14 season on loan at Spanish La Liga side Almeria, having made 20 appearances in his debut campaign last term.

Karl Matchett from The Liverpool Word caught up with Suso to get an exclusive interview with him recently—here’s the complete transcript of what he had to say.


TLW: Thanks for taking the time to talk Suso. You’re preparing now for the FIFA Under-20 World Cup; do you find it difficult to be training now all summer after a long season?
Suso: Well the season is obviously long, there are players like myself for example, in England, who had a few days’ holiday, but some of my team mates haven’t had any days off at all. I think when we’re talking about something like a World Cup, holidays just get cancelled and I think it’s one of the nicest things there are.

TLW: And what do you hope to get out of the World Cup? The experience, the victory…?
Suso: Look, Spain are the favourites, no? For me, obviously, if we win then all the better, but the excitement is great, and the World Cup, there’s the best teams in the world, and if we do [our things on the pitch] well then I think we’ve got a lot of possibilities.


TLW: You’re proud to represent Spain at this level…
Suso: Yes of course, right now Spain have the best international team in the world, with a group of great players, so you have to be happy. As I say, we have to keep working and when you’re here, you want even more.

TLW: Would you have preferred to be part of the Under-21 squad at the European Championships or here with the Under-20s?
Suso: The Under-21s as well…the Euros…in the Under-21s are the best players. In the Under-20s in a World Cup…I don’t know. I think a World Cup is a unique thing, I’ve got the chance to play in one now and I don’t know if in the future I could play another one again. The Euros we won last year (2012 Under-19 European Championships), we were champions, so, obviously, if I could I’d go to both but I can’t. In this case I think I’d choose the Under-20s.

TLW: Because of the success that the Spain national side have had, do you find there’s more expectation on all the Spanish players, regardless of which level they represent the country at?
Suso: Yes, as I said before, Spain are the favourites and they’re always going to have that expectation as favourites. In Spain, I think we have more pressure than other nations.

TLW: And do you think that’s fair [for the younger players to bear the same expectation as the seniors]?
Suso: Well…the senior side is winning everything, they’re the best side there is, and when that happens then so does this [the expectation], in all the big clubs and in this case, at international level. I don’t think it should be any hardship or any work, instead it should serve as a motivation.

TLW: We’ve seen you playing in a deeper role for Spain than you do for Liverpool, which role do you prefer to play in, and why?
Suso: I prefer to play in the middle. This season was my first in the Premier League and I’ll play wherever, really,  and while I’m playing I don’t care about the position or where I am [on the pitch]. I prefer to play in the middle because I think my footballing characteristics are best suited to playing there, but as well out on the wing I can do well and as I said, as long as I’m playing I don’t have any problem.

TLW: Speaking of Liverpool, you played 20 times last season but this time we won’t have the Europa League, so what would you consider a success? Playing the same number of games, or maybe a few less…?
Suso: Well I want to play games. It’s true I’m happy at Liverpool but I what I want is to play. I’ve got right now offers in other places and we’ll talk about whether I have to stay or whether I have to go on loan.

TLW: On loan though, nothing permanent?
Suso: No, no, just loan, yes.

TLW: Are they Premier League sides or in Spain, elsewhere?
Suso: Yes, I have options in both places.

TLW: Can we speak about which teams?
Suso: No, at the moment not. I don’t know what I’ll do, I’m very happy in Liverpool but what I want is to play games.

TLW: What about the boss, Brendan Rodgers. Do you think you have his confidence to play games and the minutes you want, since Liverpool are going to sign more players?
Suso: Yes, it’s him who has given me everything this year and I’m very happy. The truth is he’s a very good coach and these things will surely get better.

TLW: What would say are the parts of your game you have to work on more?
Suso: Well I’m a young player so I have to work more on everything and that’s why I’m in training every day, and at a club like Liverpool, it’s a good place to improve as a player and when I’m coming here [with the Spain team] it’s also a chance to improve in all aspects. So, as I say, as a player if you have to improve, you have to improve everything.

TLW: And if you have to leave on loan, would you prefer to stay in the Premier League or would it depend on the team?
Suso: As I said, it’s not something that I’m…look, I’m happy in Liverpool but if I’ve got to go on loan to play minutes then I don’t know if it would be in England or Spain.

TLW: That’s great, thanks very much for speaking to me and hope when you’re back with Liverpool you have lots of success and find your place in the team.
Suso: Thanks!


—-Translations and transcripts are taken in good faith. Any errors of reproduction are mine alone.

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